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pH vs ACID Concentration

If one compares two glycolic peels, each at a concentration of 10% acid, one at a pH of 3.0 and one at a pH of 5.0, the product with the lower pH will be 100 times stronger.

The reason is because our skin pH ranges from 4-4.9 as a way to protect itself from organisms and environmental pollutants. If the acid’s pH isn’t below our natural pH, then peels and skin care products will not penetrate effectively.


The pH of the VI Peel Precision is below 1.6 which strengthens the acid and allows for greater penetration, but penetration is only one part of the equation. The depth of the peel is dictated by the amount of layers that are applied by the practitioner.

The application of the VI Peel Precision is cumulative, meaning, there is increasing penetration, and peel depth, with the more quantity that is applied. The VI Peel Precision contains 20% more solution than the standard VI Peel. The increased solution combined with the low pH allows for more layers to be applied, which in turn creates a deeper peel.

Best For: Any patient over 40 with thick, rough skin that needs the extra layers to penetrate, and any patient looking for enhanced collagen stimulation.
Cost: $300

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