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CO2RE Wrinkle and Pigmentation Treatment (PRNewsFoto/Syneron Medical Ltd.)

Aggressive skin rejuvenation is achieved with the fractional Co2 laser, which can provide dramatic effects on wrinkles, skin tone, texture, pigmentation, and scarred skin. It targets the dermal layers of the skin, but is flexible enough to allow each treatment to be tailored to fit your needs. The treatment may be done on the face, scalp, neck, chest, hands and even the arms.  We use a topical anesthetic to aid in minimizing discomfort from the treatment, and, at times, will use local anesthesia or even oral medication to help aid in relaxation and pain relief.

Recovery Time: 7-10 days

If you are interested in receiving the Co2 treatment, please call or e-mail to schedule a consultation first, unless you have had the treatment with us before.


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