This peel is highly effective for symptoms of acne. It contains the original VI Peel formula plus the power of benzoyl peroxide for superior, consistent results.

Specifically formulated for acne prone skin:

  • Increases cellular turnover to open pores
  • Eliminates p. acnes bacteria
  • Soothes inflammation and redness

Post-Peel Tips:

  • Leave the peel on for 4 hours, so you may want to schedule treatment before heading home for the day
  • Avoid sun exposure during peeling process
  • Avoid physical activities for 72-96 hours. Excessive perspiration can lead to PIH or blistering. Try to refrain from sweating/exercise for 7 days.
  • Typically, peeling begins on Day 3 and continues through Day 5. By Day 6, most exfoliation will have subsided.
  • Suggested maintenance treatment peels are 4 times per year

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