Kybella is an injection that treats the “double chin”, or the submental fullness beneath the chin. Submental fullness can be caused by weight gain, genetics, and/or aging. When injected into the fat beneath the chin, Kybella permanently destroys fat cells. Your body’s natural metabolism then processes the fat cleared from the treatment area. Once the fat cells are gone, you’re left with a noticeable reduction in fullness under the chin.

What To Expect:
* Local anesthesia may be used to make the patient more comfortable
* Although you may be excited to see results right away, it’s important to be patient. Allow your body time to process the fat cleared from the treatment area after each visit.
* Plan around important events, since there is a recovery period

Possible Side Effects:
* Swelling
* Numbness
* Bruising
* Redness
* Pain
* Areas of hardness

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