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Debora Borrell
Licensed Massage Therapist
Deep Tissue, Myofacial Release, Canial Sacral, RUIT (Repetitive Use Injury Therapy)

Debora began her career in Massage Therapy in 1999 after completing her training at Southern Utah School of Massage. Each moment, Debora strives to master her technique and hone her skills as a Massage Therapist. She achieves her professional goals by staying current and innovative in her field by attending seminars and gaining new certifications, such as:

Myofacial Release with John Barnes, Cranial Sacral Therapy (level 1 & 2) from The Upledger Institute, Repetitive Use Injury Therapy, and the Rossiter Stretch Method.

Her approach to the human body is based on the fact that injuries affect the entire body with long-range effects throughout our lifetime. We are more than a bad back or a bum knee; in fact, we are the sum of all of our parts. This philosophy allows for an approach that focuses on the entire body, along with the understanding that we all have a unique synergy that affects our motion and overall muscular skeletal wellbeing.

By using and adapting techniques acquired over years of training, Debora’s goal is to help you achieve the best possible range of motion and reduction of pain. When you take her love of Massage Therapy and combine it with a progressive understanding of how the body functions as a whole, then you are in for a truly dynamic approach to physical and kinetic wellbeing.

Debora also has three children, three grandchildren, and one furry, four-legged best friend. She enjoys the outdoors, river-rafting, and riding her motorcycle just about everywhere!

*Massage lotion used is unscented and free of nut oils and parabens*

Menu of Services

30-Minute Massage: $40
60-Minute Massage
: $75
90-Minute Massage: $110
Repetitive Use Injury Therapy: $75
Cranial Sacral Work
: $125

Gift Certificate Specials

3 – One Hour Massage Gift Certificates: $195 ($30 savings)
3 – 90 Minute Massage Gift Certificates: $290 ($40 savings)

LOCATED at SHAPE Medical Center – 525 North Avenue

To make an appointment with Debora:

Call (970) 261-6953

OR CLICK HERE to Schedule Online

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