Gail Brown

Gail Brown is a Registered Nurse, who has been working as a Gastroenterology Nurse, as well as a Psychiatric-Mental Health Clinical Instructor, at CMU for the past five years. She holds degrees in Psychology, Nursing, Counseling Psychology, and a certification in Esthetics. She is well-versed in Dermatology and Skin Care, having spent five years working with a Dermatologist, and another three years working with a plastic surgeon.

Her varied background and skill set is the perfect foundation for providing the best individualized care for each of her clients. She feels blessed to have been able to learn from Vicki Filz as she completed her internship hours, and is committed to continuing her education in the fields of Health and Esthetics. Gail helps her clients look and feel their best, knowing that overall health is essential to achieving biopsychosocial, physical, and emotional balance.

She is currently offering relaxing Facials, Microdermabrasions, Dermaplaning, Waxing, and Chemical Peels. She is passionate about esthetics and all its possibilities, and is excited to be part of the Shape Medical Center team.

Gail is currently available for appointments on Wednesdays and select Saturdays.