Chemical Peels

SexyDesktop Wallpaper ImageYoung, healthy skin exfoliates itself every 28-30 days. As we age, this rate of exfoliation slows to every 40-60 days. The proper chemical peel helps to expedite this exfoliation process by removing surface skin cells, creating an improvement in skin tone and texture. Skin peels do not have to be aggressive to be effective. Many of our peels give an immediate glow to the skin and is the perfect treatment to have done before a special event.


Chemical peels are an effective way to trigger a positive change within the skin. Different acids are applied to the skin causing a reaction below the surface that speeds up the cell turnover rate and increases the skins ability to change. This is similar to how the skin would react to a mild surface injury. 
There are many variations of peels and all of them offer different results. This is why not everyone may “peel” from a chemical peel.
A consultation is required prior to scheduling a peel, allowing us time to discuss your concerns and the different options which best fit with your lifestyle. We will prescribe the right peel to address your specific skin type, concerns, optimal outcome and health. 

A home program, customized to your skin’s specific needs, compliments your peel program. With this combination, your skin can become smoother and brighter, and your skin care products may work more effectively.